What is the difference between original and replacement parts for Xiaomi M365 and Pro Scooter

What is the difference between original and replacement parts for Xiaomi M365 and Pro Scooter

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When it comes to electric scooter parts, I believe many consumers have the same experience. When we go to repair Xiaomi M365 or other electric scooters, the repairman will ask you, do you want original parts or replacement ones? it is difficult for most owners to choose at that moment, so what is the difference between the original and replacement?

The original parts are provided by Xiaomi distributor or produced by the authorized factory, quality is same as the original, no minor defects, appearance and work performance are consistent with the original parts, and there is the part number on the package, it is normally sold on the Xiaomi distributor store and website.

Replacement accessories, which means clone, are produced by unauthorized parts manufacturers. Generally speaking, most of the Xiaomi M365 spare part on the market manufactured by these factories, these accessories are mainly to imitate the original parts, 1:1 process, the appearance is the same, as the process is different that caused quality is different, and the cost is different as well.

Meanwhile, compared with the original parts, the replacement part price is more affordable.

Original part

Replacement Part

Is there any difference between the accessories and the original in the process of use?

For most of the parts, like rear mudguard, rear taillight, kickstand, etc, it is no difference, what more, according to consumers’ feedback, we made some improvement for some parts, it was upgraded to improve the user experience such as the front shock absorber.

But for the dashboard , controller, and battery, we recommend to buy original one, replacement one is unable to update,

How to choose the original or replacement for the circuit dashboard and controller?

Suituation Dashboard Controller Battery Buy Original
Case #1Original Yes Yes Yes
Case #2Original Yes Yes Yes
Case #3Original Yes Yes Yes

For Other suituations, both available to buy original or replacement, but please make sure the Xiaomi M365 and Pro is Genuine.

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