Genuine Xiaomi Electric Scooter Engine HUB Motor 350W

Xiaomi Mijia M365 PRO Scooter Original Motor

Original Xiaomi Electric Scooter 350W Motor, it is suitable for Xiaomi Mi Pro/Pro2 electric scooter.

Brand: Xiaomi
Material: Aluminium Alloy + rubber
Color: black+red
Motor power: 350W
Size: 24x24x15 cm
Weight: About 3kg

Details about Xiaomi Mijia M365 PRO Scooter Original Motor

When your Xiaomi PRO or PRO2 electric scooters didn’t use for a long time, you will have the experience that the motor has little noise, or find that your electric scooter no longer has big power like the new at the beginning. Another hand, you will find most of the wheel hub motor is a replacement, not original when you want to change the new one, this is not what you want,

For now, there is a new option, please try to switch this one if you would like to replace a new genuine Mijia scooter Pro/Pro2 motor,  it will improve your scooter immediately and provide you the same powerful engine as new. After installation, your Mi M365 Pro/Pro2 electric scooter will perform as you wish.

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