Replacement Rear Fender for MAX G30D/G30/G30LP Sharing Electric Scooter

Ninebot MAX rear fender support

Replacement Rear Fender For Ninebot MAX G30D Electric scooter
Light is not included. if required, please let me know,

Color: black,

Size: same as original

Details about Ninebot MAX rear fender support

Segway Ninebot MAX rear fender support that’s used to replace the old or damaged rear mudguard.

It can effectively fix and support the fender, not easy to swing, effectively block the mud and improve the riding comfort.
At the same time to extend the service life of the fender, reduce the rate of fender damage.

Easy to install. There are hooks along the perimeter of the support to prevent the fender from moving.
On the axle, it is screwed on, and these screws are included.
The support has no geometric defects and protects fenders that have cracked.

It is Suitable for Ninebot MAX G30, G30D, G30LP,G30E, G30LE electric scooters.


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