KUGOO G2 Pro Parts - Front suspension

KUGOO G2 Pro Parts – Front suspension

This Front suspension is compatible with the Kugoo G2 pro scooter, main function is to absorb shock and give you comfortable riding,

  1. Replacement part.
  2. Color: Black
  3. Condition: New
  4. Delivery time: 7 – 10 days

Details about KUGOO G2 Pro Parts – Front suspension

We currently Provide most of the Kugoo G2 Pro parts, all shipped from China with shipping fast time, normally 7-10days, good price, and quality warranty.

If you need related accessories, please send an email to us or talk to us by WhatsApp.

You may have the experience that it is a little difficult to buy G2 pro accessories no matter online or offline store, if you don’t mind a little longer time, it is a good idea to buy it from us.

Package includes: 1x G2 Pro Front suspension

Shipping: By air

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