10x3.0 inch Tyre for Electric Scooter

10×3.0 inch | 255×80 mm | 80/65-6 Off Road Tire

1, The city road tire has a very good performance on urban roads(city road), it would be low noise and comfortable. the off-road tyre is suitable for bumpy roads, and semi off-road tire performs between them. but compared with 10*2inch or 10*2.5inch tire, it will require more power consumption.

2, These tires and inner tubes are fit for Zero 10X/Speedual, if used on Zero/Grace 10, the rear wheel is perfect, but there
would be slight friction between the tire and fender when you install it on the front wheel, it’s not a big problem, just a little noise.

3, These tires are suitable for many scooters, please check the original tires of your scooter, if the inner diameter is 150mm, and the size is 10*2.5/10*2 inches, it is available, such as Inokim OX/OXO, etc. But please notice, due to the narrow fenders or narrow swing arms, there is not enough space to accommodate such a wider tire, although the size of your scooter’s hub is fit for the tire, such as Dualtron 1/2, Speedway 1/2/3/4, Inokim quick 1/2/3, all of them are incompatible,

4, Installing tools are levers, If your scooter’s wheel hub is not detachable, it will require screwdrivers and metal levers, which will definitely scratch the hub ring. If you care about that,
we would suggest you send it to install by the repair shop.

5, It is obvious that the driving comfort of a pneumatic tire is better than a solid tire as the shock absorption is better, but if you don’t inflate vacuum regularly, the comfort will be reduced, so please inflate the tires regularly.


10×3.0 inch, 255×80, 80/65-6

Details about 10×3.0 inch | 255×80 mm | 80/65-6 Off Road Tire

It is Suitable for Electric Scooter Speedual Grace 10 Zero 10X

  • Outer tire:
    10*3.0 inch/255*80 mm (80/65-6),
    Outer diameter: 10 inch/255mm,
    Inner diameter: 6 inch/150mm,
    Width: 80mm,
    Weight: 789g (city road)/839g (semi off road)/776g (off road)
    Max load: 85kg at 345kpa(50 psi)
  • Suitable inner tubes:
    10*2inch, 10*2.125inch and 10*2.5 inch,
    Curved valve degree: 45°.
    Weight: 85-95g.
    Although inner tube parameters are different, all of them are very suitable for these outer tires, and you won’t feel any difference during driving,
    regarding the inner tube, please noticed that it would be deformed if you inflate vacuum in the inner tube alone, this is not quality defection, it is uneven
    that caused by the physical structure, all tubes would have this same question, the right way should be to put the tube into the outer tire, then inflating it.

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