What parts could be shared for Xiaomi M365 and Pro, 1S, and Pro 2?

What parts could be shared for Xiaomi M365 and Pro, 1S, and Pro 2?

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With the increasing sales of Xiaomi electric scooters, many people don’t know what kind of parts they need to buy to replace broken parts, including the repair shop.

Visiting online shopping, faced with four models, hundreds of Xiaomi scooter accessories, you will be stuck with a hard choice, ask customer service, they will only give you a vague answer, what to do at this time?

Controller, dashboard, battery BMS, Motor, accelerator/throttle, Bell… and so on. How to find the right spare parts for Xiaomi M365 and Pro, 1S and Pro 2 at good price?

Don’t worry, We’ll provide you with a form so you can read it at a glance, save time and get rid of all your troubles.

Common parts for Xiaomi scooter M365, 1S, Pro, and Pro 2

M-A1Clone Battery pack for Mi Pro and Pro 2
M-A2Clone battery pack 7.8A for M365&Mi 1S
Pro-1BMS battery pack for Mi Pro and Pro 2
M-BBMS for xiaomi M365BMS for battery pack for M365&Mi 1S
M-C2Controller for xiaomi M365Clone controller for M365 and Mi 1S
M-E2dashboard for xiaomi M365Clone dashboard for M365 and Mi 1S
M-1tailight for xiaomi M365 proTaillight for M365 and 1S
M-1BTail light Pro and Pro 2Taillight Pro and Pro 2
M-4Bell for M365
M-4BBell for Pro,1S, and Pro 2
M-5Accelerator for Xiaomi M365 Proaccelerator/Throttle for M365 and 1S
M-5BThrottle / Accelerator for Pro and Pro 2

I hope this table can give you some help, if you would like to know the full range of parts. Please send us email and we will send it to you by attachment.

Also, if you would like to know How to better choose the parts and add additional accessories to improve comfortable,

Please visit https://www.newscooterparts.com/how-to-choose-parts-for-xiaomi-m365-and-pro/

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