How To Start A Repair Store For Electric Scooter

How To Start A Repair Store For Electric Scooter

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This year, the use of electric scooters has skyrocketed, giving rise to greater opportunities for maintenance services. The market is relatively vacant. Many people are beginning to notice this market, and some are planning to open a scooter repair shop.

For a novice, how to open such a physical store at a relatively low cost is a problem that should be paid attention to. NewScooterParts, as an electric scooter parts supplier, would like to analyze it and give some suggestions. Hope it would be useful to you.

5 Suggestions For Establishing An E-scooter (Motorized scooter) Repair Shop


1. First of all, you have to investigate, in your market, your city and region, what brand of scooters are the most popular, here are two ways to do the investigation,

  01. Look at the sales platform in your own country, search for e-scooters, which brands have the highest sales;

  02. Observe in daily life, what brand of scooters you often see on the road, which one appear the most.


2. After you have certain data about the brand, you need to check, are the accessories of the brand you choose easy to buy? Where to buy? How much does it cost?

Method: Also go to the main sales platform to check, how many sellers are selling the electric scooter accessories of the brand you choose, and do they sell much? Is it complete?

Here is a suggestion, you can pay attention to Xiaomi scooters, which are currently the largest sales, also its accessories are very convenient to buy.

Selling season

3. You should pay attention to the off-season and peak seasons of scooters. The off-season is in winter, and the number of scooter users will not be many, so business will not be very good during this period.

Store area

4. Take a look at other electric scooters repair shop, how big is their store, and if need to buy other equipment? Because like tires, it’s the common problem, as it needs to be replaced frequently. If it is manually replaced, and the technology is not familiar, it will be more difficult to replace, and the efficiency is low.

Related business

5, Some repair shops also repair electric bicycles or other transportation tools, you have to make sure whether you only do electric scooters or also do other businesses.

Starting from my own technology and positioning, I suggest that it would be more appropriate to only repair electric scooters at the beginning.

I hope these suggestions have a certain reference value for you. If you have any questions, please leave a message or email freely.

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