A simple and esay way to change tyres for xiaomi scooters

How to Easy Replace Tire for Xiaomi Ninebot Electric Scooters

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A simple way to replace change electric scooter tyres

How to replace tires for electric scooters like Xiaomi, Ninebot scooter is difficult, many people were stuck when they have to install a new one for their scooters,  

In most cases when we manual replacement tyres, the wheel hub is easy to scratch by tool, and it is really not easy to install, it often costs several hours, what is more, possible the new tire will be damaged, and tire still not installed well,

Here is recommended a trick to change the solid tire for Xiaomi electric scooters, easy, simple, and fast, a simple machine as below,

electric scooter tire replacement machine

How to use it?

Please watch the video that will help you to know better how to operate the machine, easy and safe,

What size of the tires suitable to this machine?

It is suitable for 8.5inch and 10inch solid tires/tyres, 

it is not suitable for outer tire,

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