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How to Maintain Electric Scooter?

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The Simple Maintenance Methods of Electric Scooter

We will provide you with some small methods, hope you can properly maintain the electric step scooter, no matter how far and how long you take it, it will still looks like as new as the first time.

1, Inspection and maintenance of the electric scooter

(1) Often wipe the car, care of the scooter paint, the paint for the New or old E-scooter appearance play a decisive role, pay attention to the parking, do not place in the sun exposure, this way basically can make the car paint to achieve the maximum life.

(2) Usually check the parts of the Electric scooter tyre or the tap, the tightness of the brake, you can see if the tyre and the surrounding parts are intact before riding, hold the brake tightly to see if it is used properly, then rotate the tap to see if it needs to be corrected.

(3) Even if clean up the mud around the tyres, pay attention to the bearings of the wheels and lubricate them in time to avoid wear and tear to reduce the service life of the car.

2, Battery of electric scooter.

The battery is the core of the electric scooter, and cost is relatively high in the price of electric scooter accessories, not only because it is the power centre, but also it decided the E-scooter miles.
Buy E-scooter is certainly to travel or working more convenient, the its miles is the most important, then how to maintain the battery also become important?

(1) The charging problem: must pay attention to timely charging, if you want to leave it for a long time, it is recommended to charge once a month to keep the battery activity.

(2) Attention to the placement of the electric scooter: the battery should not be exposed to the sun, nor should it be placed in a wet place for a long time, so if you want to park it, you must go to a dry indoor place with a suitable temperature or an underground parking garage where the battery is parked.

3, Replacement of some regular Spare parts for Electric scooter


Learning how to replace some frequently used parts for your electric scooter is necessary, this will help you to keep your scooter very good workable, what E-scooter spare parts and accessories should be replaced often?   electric scooter replacement brake, kickstand, handlebar, throttle, Motor, brake pad, Bell, headlight, etc, 

Another hand, please make sure your brand scooter parts are easy to find and buy so that keep low cost on maintenance.

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