How to choose parts for Xiaomi M365 and Pro

How to choose parts for Xiaomi M365 and Pro

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Xiaomi M365 and Xiaomi Mi Pro are the most popular scooter in the world, they bring us happiness and makes our travel more convenient. Another hand also brings us the inconvenience of maintenance and the cost of repair. Some consumers are confused about how to replace the parts and what parts should choose, for this question, please check out the previous blog What is the difference between original and replacement parts for Xiaomi M365 and Pro Scooter

Here we focus on the question of help you how to make clear the difference between M365 and PRO scooter accessories, and how to choose them?

First of all, let’s make one point clear.

What parts can be used for both Xiaomi M365 and Pro?

In general, all the parts are available to use commonly, but there are some important parts that are different between them, like the dashboard, controller, battery, motor, rear-wheel hub, the base plate. etc, I sorted out and made a comparison table to give you a better idea in terms of sourcing part for the M365 and Pro.

Xiaomi Mi M365 parts vs M365 Pro parts Comparison

NoPhotoProduct name Can it be suitable for both?
1Battery for xiaomi M365 BatteryNo
2BMS for xiaomi M365BMSNo
3Controller for xiaomi M365ControllerNo
4dashboard for xiaomi M365DashboardNo
5tailight for xiaomi M365 proRear taillightYes
6headlight for xiaomi M365 proHeadlightYes
7brake lever for Xiaomi M365 proBrake leverYes
8Accelerator for Xiaomi M365 ProAcceleratorYes
9Power cord for Xiaomi M365 ProPower cableYes
10Motor for Xiaomi M365 ProMotorNo
11Wheel hub for Xiaomi M365 ProWheel hubNo
12Inner tube for Xiaomi M365 Pro8.5 inch Inner tubeYes
13Outer tire for Xiaomi M365 Pro8.5 inch outer tireYes
14Solid tire for Xiaomi M365 Pro8.5 inch Solid tireYes
1510inch inner tube for Xiaomi M365 Pro10 inch Inner tubeYes
1610inch outer tire for Xiaomi M365 Pro10 inch outer tireYes
1710inch Solid tire for Xiaomi M365 Pro10 inch Solid tireYes
18Folding base for Xiaomi M365 ProFolding baseYes
19Pole for Xiaomi M365 ProPoleNo
20Fold buckle for Xiaomi M365 ProFold buckleYes
21Reinforced lock for Xiaomi M365 ProReinforced lockYes
22Kickstand for Xiaomi M365 ProKickstandYes
23brake disc for Xiaomi M365 ProBrake discNo
24brake cable for Xiaomi M365 ProBrake cableNo
25brake Pad for Xiaomi M365 ProBrake PadNo
26The base plate for Xiaomi M365 ProBase plateNo
27Wheel cover for Xiaomi M365 ProWheel coverYes
28Rear fender for Xiaomi M365 ProRear fenderYes
29Front fender for Xiaomi M365 ProFront fenderYes
30Front fork cover for Xiaomi M365 ProFront fork coverYes
31Battery cover for Xiaomi M365 ProBattery coverNo
32Foot pad for Xiaomi M365 ProFoot padNo
33handlebar grip for Xiaomi M365 Prohandlebar gripYes
34Rubber Cable Cover Cap for Xiaomi M365 ProRubber cable cover capYes
35Charger rubber port cap for Xiaomi M365 ProCharger rubber port capNo
36Waterproof ring for Xiaomi M365 Pro batteryBatteryWaterproof ringNo
37Dump for Xiaomi M365 ProDumpYes
38Waterproof cover for Xiaomi M365 Pro dashboardDashboard Waterproof coverYes
39Charger for Xiaomi M365 ProChargerYes
40Seat Xiaomi M365 ProSeatNo

Supplementary knowledge: It is available if you want to install a 350w motor for the Xiaomi M365, for the bell, both are different, regarding the dashboard, it is okay for Xiaomi M365 scooter to use Xiaomi Pro display dashboard.

How to better choose the parts and add additional accessories to improve comfortable

Now I believe you have a basic understanding of accessories, let’s talk about how to better choose the parts, although Xiaomi upgraded the scooter, it is not perfect and there are some details can be improved better and give users more comfortable ride experience,

Problem No 1, the folding feature for Pro is the same design as Xiaomi M365, The screws and bolts there will be loose from vibration during riding, this will make the pole and handlebar shaking and you have to tighten them each time, meanwhile, it will lead the screws to drop off.

For this issue, I recommend that you get the rubber dump which will help solve it,

Problem No 2, the rear taillight cable is easy to damage because it is positioned to top on the rear tire, not stable, and easy to drop down when the rear fender shaking strong, finally this will lead to the cable touching the rear tyre and damage.

For this question, you can try to buy a rear mudguard support bracket to solve it, will make your scooter more personal.

Problem No 3, If could install a shock absorber for the Xiaomi M365 and Mijia Pro, it will greatly improve the ride experience, you can try to check Monorim suspension V2 that perfectly works with M365 and Pro.

Problem No 4, Some users want to increase the tire size to 10inch, for this situation, you have to solve the problem of the rear mudguard touch the tire, and the rear taillight cable is too short to connect the light, get the 10inch tire extension kit could be solved well this question,

Besides, there are other details could be improved in future upgrade, Pro 2 was realeased now, I trust it is better. let’s make a comparison next blog.

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