How to Choose a Suitable Electric Scooter?

How to Choose a Suitable Electric Scooter?

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The electric scooter is more and more popular now, especially in the year 2020, the Scooter use has skyrocketed, if you are interested in buying one, you might be confused how to pick a suitable e-scooter?

Please don’t worry, many people have the same question when faced with so many models on the market. In general, there are two application areas for e-scooters, one is for urban areas, the other is for off-road, the requirements are different in terms of speed, power, and tire, material…

This guide is to help you(adults) choose the right electric scooter for your commuter lifestyle.

There is a very important aspect you have to consider when you pick out the scooter. I think it exceeds most of the below points, which I listed out at the bottom of the post.

Tips Regarding How to Buy an Electric Scooter


Is it used for urban areas, or suburbs, or both? Also please take the use frequency and distance into consideration.

If urban areas:

If you often ride it and take it as a transport tool for the commute to work, short-distance shopping, choose the 250W or 350W motor, or high battery capacity, a good brand with a middle price;

If you’re trying to have fun in your life and your family, 250w is enough;

In suburb: Choose 350W E-scooter.

Weight limit

1, Scooter weight, which will affect your carry experience, if you use it frequently, it should be light and easy to carry, especially for female who go to work.

Also, you may have to take other means of transportation on the way, if it’s too heavy, it will be very difficult to go up and down the stairs.

2,Rider’s weight,It’s different for men and women, or if your family members also use it. You have to take it into account.

Please check the maximum load, and don’t exceed.

if exceeded, the scooter may not be able to afford it, and the performance will decline, especially the brakes will be easy damaged, if it’s on the road, it will be dangerous.

Miles per charge

1. How long can you run on a full charge? this makes it easy for you to calculate the back and forth distance of your trip, and then determine whether you need to recharge in time.

2. How long does it take to recharge? This makes you know when to charge it in advance.


Battery capacity is related to the maximum range of the scooter. The larger the battery capacity, the higher the mileage, the longer the available time and, of course, the higher cost. Also the terrain, riding style and the rider’s weight will affect the battery capacity.

Maximum speed

The speed should have 3-speed modes and be available to easily adjust,

Meanwhile, it should be not too fast, you have to consider safety, also, you have to consider the weather conditions.


Choose brake disc or clipper brake. You have to consider it could be easily replaced. The best solution is to have hydraulic disc brakes.


There are pneumatic and solid tyres for choice on the market, and size from 8 inches, 8.5inch and 10inch, what are their advantages, and how to choose and use them together?

Normally Electric scooters come with pneumatic tires because it is better to absorb shocks caused by uneven terrain and give you a more comfortable ride, but the problem is it’s not durable and easily getting punctured.

If you want to solve the shock absorption issue by a tubeless tire, you can install a shock absorber on the front wheel.

8.5 inch is the most used tires, but for the big guy, the 10 inch is better.


If drive on flat ground, 250W is okay, it is suitable for urban area;

If drive over small hills, 350W is okay, it is suitable for suburbs;

If someone living in an area with a lot of hills. dual motor or 500W is required,


Points to consider

1, whether it can be installed seat, which can improve the comfort;

2, The headlights and rear lights should be bright enough to be easily seen at night.


You will find that if you buy online, although the price is low, but the warranty is a big problem, which makes you ride more carefully.

It is recommended to buy from a merchant that provides a 1-year warranty, or if you have any problems within 3 months, you can replace it for free.


You will find have a wide range of scooters options when buying an electric scooter, I suggest to choose a suitable brand based on your budget.

Regarding the repair -very important

As time goes by, it surely needs to be maintained, many parts need to be replaced, so you must consider if the replacements are easy to buy, and where to buy, what is the cost, are there many options? And is the supplier the right one? All these depend on the total time you use the scooter and the total cost, generally speaking, for most brand scooters, due to the after-sale service difficulty, the cost of the replacements would be high. you can check the parts situation before buying an electric scooter.

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