Wholesale Xiaomi Scooter M365, Pro, 1S, 3 and Pro 2 - Accessories&Parts, Buy Cheap in Bulk from China

We have been working for over 5 years in the electric scooter field, with mature supply chain & flexible production enable us to
provide you the most cost-effective scooter accessories.

Not only we offer Xiaomi Scooter Parts and accessories,  Also you can get the parts for Segway Ninebot, Kugoo, Dualtron, and other brands e-scooter.

What will you get from us?

– Factory Directly
– China Price
– Fast Shipping
– Quality Guarantee
– Technology support online

What is the biggest Benefit you will get from us?

– Save money,  and SAVE lots of money a year ! !


Xiaomi M356, 1s, Pro and Pro 2 parts and accessoires

Many repair shops and scooter retailers, wholesalers in UK, France, Spain have been placing order from us to SAVE lots of money, do you still buy from local wholesalers at a high price?    Why don’t you give it a try?

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Xiaomi M365 parts factory

Factory Direct Price

Xiaomi M365 parts factory

Technology Support

Xiaomi M365 parts factory

Unique Design/Upgrade

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Very Very Very Good Service! Really good support from this company, the shipping time is very good each time, normally I get information for 1 week then I get after 4 Days amazing !!!!!

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