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How to Easy Replace Tire for Xiaomi Ninebot Electric Scooters

A simple way to replace change electric scooter tyres How to replace tires for electric scooters like Xiaomi, Ninebot scooter is difficult, many people were stuck when they have to install a new one for their scooters,   In most cases when we manual replacement tyres, the wheel hub is easy to scratch by tool, and it is really not easy to install, it often costs several hours, what is more, possible the new tire will be damaged, and tire still not installed well, Here is recommended a trick to change the solid tire for Xiaomi electric scooters, easy, simple, and fast, a simple machine as below, How to use it? https://youtu.be/n2V3lo2JDuI Please watch the video that will help you to

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What is the top electric scooter that I should buy in 2022?

3 Points You Have To Consider Before Buying a Electric Scooter According to questions from hundreds of consumers feedback when they bought an electric scooter and need to replace some of the unworkable parts. We concluded that an ideal electric scooter must-have below requirement. It- Easy to find the spare part. It- Easy to buy at a good price. It- Fast delivery when buying parts or accessories online or offline store, It can be very annoying when you can’t buy your own scooter spare parts and accessories, and when need your scooter for commuting. A new brand or niche brand scooters, some are expensive, or low, you were happy when you bought it, but when you have the need to

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How to Maintain Electric Scooter?

The Simple Maintenance Methods of Electric Scooter We will provide you with some small methods, hope you can properly maintain the electric step scooter, no matter how far and how long you take it, it will still looks like as new as the first time. 1, Inspection and maintenance of the electric scooter (1) Often wipe the car, care of the scooter paint, the paint for the New or old E-scooter appearance play a decisive role, pay attention to the parking, do not place in the sun exposure, this way basically can make the car paint to achieve the maximum life. (2) Usually check the parts of the Electric scooter tyre or the tap, the tightness of the brake, you

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How to Choose a Suitable Electric Scooter?

This guide is to help you(adults) choose the right e-scooter for your commuter lifestyle. There is a very important aspect you have to consider when you pick out the scooter. I think it exceeds most of the below points, which I listed out at the bottom of the post.

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